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Invited speakers


Prof. Peter SIGMUND "Hans Henrik Andersen, the Scientist"

Dr. Nuno BARRADAS "Large scale Total IBA"

Dr. Marie JACQUET "X-ray production with Compton compact sources and potential of   applications"

Prof. Alessandro ZUCCHIATTI "Ion beam analysis, the new trends & challenges"

Dr. Andreas MARKWITZ "Ion Beam Modification of materials at the multiple beam lines at GNS science"

Prof. Laszlo VINCZE "Full field versus scanning micro-XRF imaging using synchrotron radiation"

Prof. Karen KIRKBY "MeV Ion Beams from Bench to Bedside"

Dr. Claire PACHECO "Last improvements on AGLAE facility and their application to the analysis of cultural heritage artefacts"

Prof. Hamid AIT ABDERRAHIM "Future Advanced Nuclear Systems And Role of MYRRHA"